Meet Moreah Vestan 

Moreah VestanMoreah Vestan hasn’t always been a free spirit. She was raised one of nine children of an Iowa Catholic farm family and took authority very seriously.

Believing she might have a calling to the religious life, she was even in the convent for a year.

Since then, she has taught high school English and second grade. She married and divorced, raising two children as a single parent. Vestan has done temporary office jobs, and participated in several network marketing companies. She has been an Event Coordinator, an Admissions Director at nursing homes, and an inside salesperson. She is currently a Life Coach, Trainer and Columnist. A landlady since 1985, she rents rooms to six housemates.

She has an M.A. in Adult Education, and has been a relationship columnist since 1992 for Seattle’s Active Singles Life. She was on the board of the Puget Sound Coaching Association for three years. A Personal and Professional Coach since 1998, she is a member of International Coaching Federation. She also brings to her practice the skills and awarenesses she has learned in Voice Dialogue, co-counseling, Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication, Systemic Understanding, and Enneagrams.

She enjoys dancing, travel, philosophizing, meeting men through the personals, learning on the Internet and staying young with her granddaughter, among other interests. She is dedicated to “fully expressing all of who I am”. Her intention is to never grow up.

As a speaker, she has presented at IBM, Bank of America, Discover U, Unity Church, Edmonds Community College, Senior Center of West Seattle, Real Estate Assn. of Puget Sound (REAPS), Gay City U and County Libraries. Her workshops and classes have been on

  • Communicating to Connect
  • Should I or Shouldn’t I? (making decisions)
  • How to Negotiate for What you Want in a Relationship
  • Ten Fatal Dating Mistakes and how to Avoid Them
  • Learn to Be Your Own Best Friend
  • 11 Principles for the Pursuit of Pleasure
  • Managing Stress
  • Goal Setting
  • Procrastination Resources
  • For the Poet in Us All
  • Renting Out Rooms without Regrets.

Her mission is to stimulate discovery, focus on fulfillment and celebrate completions. Four values guide her life: connection, contribution, discovery and freedom. These principles have led her to travel on her own in Southeast Asia and to teach English as a Second Language in Mexico. She has also studied Enneagrams, Voice Dialogue, Co-Counseling, and Compassionate Communication. Vestan loves collecting resources, and admits her 3,500 Internet bookmarks might be excessive. She enjoys sharing those and other resources with people. Here’s a genuine woman who continues to express all of who she is.

Contact her in Seattle at 206-938-8385 or email her. She offers a free 30-minute coaching session as her schedule permits, and works with people in person, by phone or by email to resolve difficult conversations in their lives. Vestan is available for seminars and workshops. Visit her at Communication Coaching.

Send her an email if you want to know when future books are out, or have comments on Pleasures and Ponderings.